Privacy Policy

There are rules about what we do with personal information we have about you. This notice is to let you know your rights, our requirements, and what you can do in the unlikely situation where things go wrong.

The rules are:

  1. You have the right to privacy. This means that you have the right that information about you should remain private;
  2. You also have the right to be ‘forgotten’ once there is no need for us to have that information; and
  3. You have the right to know what information we have about you.


We need certain information about you to help you with your case.We will ask you for this information and may also be given information from other people or organisations whilst we are preparing your case. We will need to keep this information whilst we are helping you with your case.

Whilst we may need to keep some information about you once we have finished helping you, it will only be what is necessary to comply with the law and our professional obligations.

We will destroy and/or delete any information we hold about you when we no longer need it.

Finally, you have the right to know what information we have about you.

Information about you

When we are dealing with your case, we need information about you so that we can help you properly. We will only collect information we think is relevant and necessary to help you with your case in the best way.

This will include:

  • Your name, date of birth, address and contact details. These are necessary in all cases so that we can identify you and contact you.

It may also include:

  • Your marital status, partner’s details and financial details. These will be needed if we are making an application for legal aid, and may also help us in preparing your case;
  • Details of health issues which might help us to help you.

Other people or organisations may also provide us with information about you.

This may include:

  • The police giving us details of any allegation against you;
  • The prosecution, usually the Crown Prosecution Service, giving us case papers including any previous convictions;
  • Your doctor or other health care professional giving us details of any health issues. Please note that we will need your specific consent for this and so will ask you if you are willing to provide that consent if we think it would help your case.

There may be other information we need. We are always happy to tell you why any information is needed if it is not clear why we are asking for it, and encourage you to ask if you are unsure why you are providing the information.

Sharing of information

It may be necessary to share information about you so that we can prepare your case properly.

This could be to tell a barrister about you so that she or he can represent you at a hearing, or information a witness gives us about you. It might be information we send to the police or prosecution to let them know information which might help your case.

We will only share information with people or organisations which we think need that information to be able to help your case.

Destruction and deletion of information

At the end of your case we will keep details for 6 years. We are required to keep information for this long by our professional body (The Law Society) as we need to be able to check these records if there is a problem with your case.

After the 6-year period, we will destroy any physical records (documents and other items such as DVDs of evidence) and will delete any computer records which might identify you.

How to obtain a copy of the information we hold about you

You have the right to ask what information we hold about you. This is called a “Subject Access Request”. We are always happy to tell you what information we have, but if you want to apply formally to find out what information we have, please write to us to ask for the information.

Please be specific as to the information you require so that we can deal with your request as fully as possible. There will be no charge for supplying this information to you. We will have 30 days to provide you with the information.

If you are not happy with the response you get to the Subject Access Request, please contact us again to explain why you consider we have not dealt satisfactorily with the request.

We hope and expect that you will be satisfied with our response, however if you consider that we have not complied, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office at or call 0303 123 1113.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us and we will be happy to talk about it.