We love to give back!

At Victor Clifford Solicitors, we love to give back! As a company, we contribute regularly to the NSPCC and the RSPCA. We are also conservationists at heart and we have contributed to the Elephant Nature Park amongst the many animal charities we are interested in helping. 

We want to share stories  in the hope that more people come on board to help support charities.

Conservation affects us all

For example, when elephants carry tourists, draw paintings or perform in shows, they perform out of fear and not of their own free will. These elephants have been ripped from their mothers and are severely beaten to make them conform to what is truly the most unnatural behaviour and all in the name of tourism. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Conservation affects us all and we can all play our part by talking to each other as well as educating children so that they develop an interest in our wildlife and planet.

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