Our Services

Victor Clifford Solicitors are experienced criminal lawyers and we provide legal advice and assistance on all criminal law matters.

Court Representation

We deal with all types of cases both at the magistrates and the crown courts, ranging from murder, fraud, sexual assault, blackmail, road traffic to drug offences

Police Station

Everyone arrested and detained for questioning at the Police Station is entitled to free independent legal advice and assistance irrespective of their financial means. This service extends to volunteers attending the Police Station for questioning. We cover all Police Stations across England and Wales and represent clients in respect of ALL criminal matters.

You should always exercise your right to a solicitor.

Legal Aid

Legal aid in the Crown court is also based on means testing. Whilst you will automatically qualify for a Representation Order once you have completed and lodged your legal aid application with the court if your case goes to the Crown Court, you may have to pay towards the cost of your defence. This could be from your income or from your capital. The Court will require you to provide evidence of your income and assets.

Funding and Costs

We aim to offer all of our clients quality legal advice with a personal service at a fair cost.

Road Traffic Offences

We deal with all Road Traffic offences across England and Wales, providing advice and representation on all motoring offences, ranging from speeding, drink drive/driving whilst unfit through drink/drugs, risk of the loss of licence under the “totting up” system to driving without insurance and dangerous driving amongst a whole string of other offences.